The Mystery of the Floatation Tank

When I asked my nine year old stepson why he enjoyed the floatation tank despite the fact he was afraid of going to bed with the lights off, he replied very matter-of-factly “In the tank, there’s nowhere for the monsters to hide.”

Art Meets the Flotation Tank in FLOAT! Thinktank 21

It’s quite an interesting idea to make a flotation tank part of an art exhibit, and brilliant too, considering that floating heightens your senses and concentration. Click here to read an interview with the artist.

Sensory deprivation tank demystified by new video

Millions of people have seen those unusual waterbox contraptions featured in movies and TV shows, but few people know what they actually do. I just found a new video that does an excellent job of explaining what a sensory deprivation tank does to a person – highly recommended if you’ve ever been curious about it.

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Putting Epsom salt in your bathtub does not a floatation tank make

I just came across an article called “How To Create Your Own Flotation Tank” at I wanted to take a minute to explain why putting Epsom salt in your bathtub is not an effective alternative to the floatation tank. Here’s what the article says: Introduction Flotation tanks were first used after WWI to treat

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The Floatation Tank Experience

In the Dark, by Elizabeth Reninger About fifteen years ago, when I was living in Madison, Wisconsin, a flotation tank center opened, right in my neighborhood. I had heard of flotation tanks, but had never actually experienced one. So, feeling curious, I walked over to check it out, one spring afternoon. It was a very

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Sensory Deprivation Tank Improves Concentration

Floatation Tank used for Pain Relief

This article is from   SUFFERERS of MS and ME are being invited to take part in the second phase of a floatation tank trial. The six-week programme, run by Float SW, which has centres in Saltash and St Agnes, will follow on from the pilot scheme launched in December 2008. Float SW aims

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Sensory Deprivation Tank Art

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, Google Images ( has provided very different results for the term "sensory deprivation tank" than doing a regular Google search. I was recently rewarded with this painting by Ray Rum, entitled Vision of Loveliness, the most beautiful piece of floatation tank-inspired art I’ve seen. You can see more

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Floating With The Stars?

I just came across this fascinating publicity stunt at Drummer to the stars, Josh Freese, is selling himself to sell his new album, Since 1972. Inspired by the value-added packages offered by his buddy Trent Reznor for the last Nine Inch Nails release, Freese has come up with his own gift-with-purchase plan — only

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Floatation Tank Hotel?

Doing a Google Images search for sensory deprivation tank brought up several results that I’d never found on dozens of Google searches for the same term. I was pleasantly surprised to find many websites I never knew about, including one that I had to share with you – The Floatel, an art design for a

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