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Floatation Tank Hotel?

Doing a Google Images search for sensory deprivation tank brought up several results that I’d never found on dozens of Google searches for the same term. I was pleasantly surprised to find many websites I never knew about, including one that I had to share with you – The Floatel, an art design for a floatation center in London. You can read more and see the fascinating drawings at http://www.audioh.com/projects/floatel.html.

Here’s my favorite – the actual float room: fox tank.jpg

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  1. Floaty says:

    Pretty wild. Don’t know about the need for a giant entrance chamber but whatever. I like the bear in the cape. I’d like to BE that bear in the cape. “Your float room is ready sir.” Thank you, my good man. … I think they should have mini-float rooms at airports. Have you ever noticed how it’s impossible to find a quiet spot at an airport?

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